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11. January, 2010 / Idun

Time slice, spatial montage, movement.

I have been looking into non-sequential ways of adding movement to my work. Two i have found rather interesting are time slices and spatial montage.

Time slice is probably better known as bullet time, I suppose. Especially through the film “The Matrix” from 1999. Using multiple cameras around an event, they could capture it, resulting in action frozen in a moment in time with the view revolving around it, as shown in the video below.

Time slice is interesting in the way that it is not the image or object that change, but the view itself. Time Slice Films makes various films using time slice effects (which their name implies). I think a visit to their website is worth the time. Some of the films are quite spectacular. Below is a video where time slice is explained, and perhaps it is easier to understand how it works by seeing the equipment that is used, and examples of how a finished clip might look.

Spatial montage basically means multiframe application, several images or events going on at once on a screen. At first the thoughts in my mind were sceptical. How am I supposed to process multiple images? But I have come to realise that we are already processing multiple images and events daily. Now, while I am writing this, I also have my messenger going in the background, I have folders open, I have the telly on in front of me, and several other browser tabs that I often check the status of. Every day there are multiple events going on around us. Some get our full attention, some we notice subconsciously, and others we don’t notice at all. The same applies for spatial montages. We see and interpret the way we ourselves decide. there’s no right or wrong way to do it. This I think makes it all the more interesting.

Even in the world of television series they have adopted this concept of spatial montage. The series called 24 uses this effect frequently to display several events taking place at the same time. Most series might have several narratives going on at once, but only one image is shown at a time. 24 gives us a quick overview, and I suppose that we are drawn and bring our attention to the event that interests us the most. How this could be applied to my own work I am not yet quite certain of, but I do find it rather interesting.

This video is not a real 24 episode, but a parody. However, it shows the general idea of how 24 uses spatial montage in the episodes.


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