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23. February, 2010 / Idun

A new beginning..?

or a continuation of my previous studio work.

I am now working on the next practical module in my MA; Developing Creative Practice. I intend to further explore the natural colours in the clay. When I first began my MA I thought to myself that working with ceramics I should learn more about glazes, and I was determined to do so. However, I have never found glazes all that interesting. I find making them tedious and far from something I would like to spend my time doing. I am far more interested in the colours in the clay itself. I find it fascinating how the clay changes its colour throughout the making process, and with varying the firing temperature. Another way of altering the colour of the clay is to mix different clays together to create a whole new palette. I chose to work with porcelain and red earthenware, mixing them to create the palette shown below. I find it quite interesting that mixing white and red together can create shades of grey!

Now I have started expanding my palette, and I will look further into how to match colour to form. What kind of form is a white form? What form does a dark colour need to underline the colour, or what colour does a form need to underline how we see it? I think it will be interesting to look into this, though I expect it might prove difficult. Nevertheless, interesting.


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