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22. July, 2010 / Idun

Sara Moorhouse

Ceramisist Sara Moorhouse has in her PhD been researching how application of colour can alter the spatial activity in three-dimensional forms. She has discovered a phenomena that she has termed the “tilt effect”. This is an illusion that appears when bands of colour are applied to a three-dimensional conical form, and this bends the form and created tension between the inner and outer surfaces.

She has always been interested in landscape scenes, and this is where the inspiration for her objects come from. The PhD studio investigation began with a vessel derived from a landscape scene aswell, Table Mountain in the Black Mountains in the south of Wales. A field study showed the alteration of colour and light throughout the day. She would then distil the scene into an abstract series of banded panels that reflect the changes of hue and space in the landscape, creating interestingly decorated conical vessels.

I find it very interesting the impact colour can have on objects. Darker colours make them seem more compact and heavy, lighter colours can give the illusion of light and space. It hardly surprises me that Sara Moorhouse has discovered such an interesting “tilt effect” while playing with changes in space and light. I would say it is almost inevitable that there would appear tension between contrast in colour. The inevitability, however, does not make the discovery any less fascinating.


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