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30. July, 2010 / Idun

Translucency and light

A continued exploration of light and colour.


The trapping effect seems to be increased by the height of the vessel, and the darkness of the rim. A more dramatic contrast intensifies the light, and it appears to be boxed in by the colour. The effect also seems stronger when the vessel is narrow, letting little light flow from the top down into the vessel, making the top darker, accentuating the contrast to the porcelain.

In these two vessels I wanted to see how a contrasting line will affect the light and form. The form itself becomes, not surprisingly, divided by the band of colour. The light inside looks quite interesting, and the effect is much what I hoped it would be. In the dense darker vessel a band of light appears because of the contrasting translucent porcelain. The band appears to float inside, trapped by the colour on either side. In the lighter vessel the effect is, for obvious reasons, quite the opposite. Rather than having a trapped band of colour, the flow of light from the porcelain is separated by this band. I believe that both effects could possibly be enhanced by having larger bands.


When making spheres I quickly realised that I had to find a different approach to building. The already well-practised building technique I have been using made the spheres far too unstable, and they would frequently collapse already during the build itself, not even surviving to a firing cycle. Making the sphere stronger by making the walls thicker was obviously out of the question, seeing the translucency is dependent on how thin the clay is. By making the walls thicker, but leaving patches of thin clay, the structure becomes more stable and still lets the light flow through. The technique still leaves a hand built look, similar to the other building technique I use on the other forms. Though making the patches slightly larger or place them closer together would probably create a greater light effect, and unite the spheres more with the other forms.


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