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6. August, 2010 / Idun

Light and colour

The placement of colour has a significant impact on the light inside the vessel. It also affects the visual boundaries between the surrounding space and the vessel itself.


This vessel creates clear boundaries both in the interior and exterior of the vessel. The colour contains the light inside by surrounding it on either side. The light is floating in darkness. The colour on the exterior creates a clear line between the vessel and the surrounding space. There is no translucency to blur the boundaries.


This vessel is quite similar in character to the first. The light is very much contained within the vessel by the colour, but not in the same way; it is not floating in the darkness, the light is contained in the bottom. However, the light seems less trapped in this vessel as it is not completely surrounded by colour.


In this vessel there are quite a few changes. Rather than completely containing the light in the vessel, the colour is dividing it; one part being contained in the bottom of the vessel, and the other escaping. The boundary between the vessel and the surrounding space is far more blurred when the edges are white porcelain. The translucency allows for a flow of light, which erases the sharp line that a coloured edge creates.


This vessel has its feet firmly planted on the ground; the colour makes the vessel bottom-heavy. The light in this vessel seems to be escaping the dark coloured bottom, much like in the previous vessel.

The balance between colour and porcelain seems a bit off in this vessel. I believe that a more even use would give the vessel more balance.



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  1. Helen Mørken / Aug 24 2010 8:17 pm

    Idun – have you read the article in Sept/Oct Ceramic Review by Sarah Moorhouse on the effects of different bands of colour on the perceived shape of a form?

    • itherin / Aug 24 2010 8:21 pm

      I haven’t. I have, however, read parts of her thesis, and a summary of it. I have written a post about it on this blog. It’s very interesting!

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