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25. August, 2010 / Idun

Spheres – continued

As  I have written previously, I have particularly thinking about the sphere, and how to build it. Unfortunately the firing of my wafer thin sphere did not go according to plan. It sank quite a bit, and caused the rim to move and shift. Not a very successful firing. This is not because of the thickness of the clay, but rather the size of the vessel. In the same kiln I fired a sphere made with thicker walls that have thin “spots” to let the light in – as I have been exploring previously in the module. This sphere was of the same size, and it also sank quite a bit. Admittedly not quite as much as the thin vessel due to the thickness of the walls. Thicker walls do give better support. I also think I prefer the look of the thicker vessel.

The question now is what to do about it. Initially the thought was to try building larger and larger pieces, including the spheres. However, what has been going around in my mind is what a “piece” consists of. Does one piece necessarily have to be one object? I have been doing many comparisons, with light and colour, and I think that the different pieces should reflect that. I have come to the decision of grouping vessels together to show contrasts and changes that occur, for example a series of vessel showing the effect of placement of colour, and how the light changes according to this placement.

I also want to scale the vessels according to the number of vessels in a group. Fewer vessels meaning larger vessels, making the groupings roughly the same size regardless of the number of vessels. Then why not have several smaller spheres? I think a smaller sphere would be an interesting contrast to the taller vessels, like the cone or cylinder. The sphere is very different from the other forms, and I think it would be interesting to accentuate that difference with smaller spheres.


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