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18. September, 2010 / Idun

To the limit

What is really interesting about the way I build my vessels is how stable they are. The two pictures below is of an early test. In the left picture you can see that the top right side corner has quite a large hole. This was made (accidentally by myself) even before it was fired. The hole, however, made no difference to the vessel itself during firing, as you can clearly see in the picture on the right side. No sinking, no dis-formation. The building method is just THAT stable. I find that really amazing.

The walls in the vessels are very very thin, we are talking about 1-2 mm throughout the entire height. Obviously a thin wall like that can not hold an infinite amount of weight. I tested this by building very tall vessels shown in the picture below, the tallest being over 1 metre high. Although they still fired quite nicely, you can start seeing the affect the extra weight has on the lower parts of the vessels. In all three vessels you can clearly see the lower parts starting to collapse under the weight of the higher parts of the vessels, and they are starting to lean slightly. In the cuboid the walls are starting to collapse inwards on all sides, so it is starting to implode on itself, if you will. Even though they have started to collapse, I am amazed that they have not collapsed more! Incredibly sturdy.


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