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I am Idun, and this is what has become my online notebook.

I first began this blog in the very beginning of my MA, using it as a way of gathering online research in one place, and also as a way of communicating progress with tutors and other students. After a while doing this, I found myself really enjoying reading and then writing my own summary. I like the simplicity of finding appropriate imagery and arranging it all together to create a whole.

I have continued using this as my notepad since then, working my way through the MA, and I am now working on the grand finale, my master project. This way of researching is still with me, and I can definitely recommend it to others.

In addition to this blog I have my deviantART site, and my deviantART powered portfolio.
On my deviantART site I upload mostly drawings, not related to any university work.
The portfolio is still a work in progress, but eventually I hope to have it fully up and running. I do have some images of products I have designed, so please have a look.


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